Past Articles in Podcast

  1. Sin The Fields: New Year’s Resolutions, Dry January, Lei Out

    New year, same sins.

  2. Deep Look: U24 Reax, Mike Mackenzie, 2018’s Best Games

    Breaking down the U24 rosters.

  3. Sideline Talk: AUDL Deep Dive With Rob Lloyd & Tim DeByl [Ep. 20]

    What's the latest in the AUDL?

  4. EuroZone: 2018 European Club Awards

    A look back at a great year of European ultimate.

  5. Deep Look: Future of Club Season, Premier Ultimate League

    How should club ultimate change?

  6. Deep Look: ‘Best of 2018’ Bracket

    What story will win it all?

  7. Sin The Fields: The 2018 Busties

    Who will win?

  8. Deep Look: 2019 Wishlist, Small Ball (Literally)

    What's on your Christmas list?

  9. Deep Look: Stagnation Reax, Win The Fields Debate

    Thought-provoking reactions from listeners.

  10. Deep Look: CCC, AUDL, Is Ultimate Stagnant?

    Taking stock of the current state of ultimate.

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