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2019 D-I College Championships Presented by VC Ultimate and Spin Ultimate

Ultiworld is excited to provide extensive reporting and numerous livestreamed games from the 2019 D-I College Championships in Round Rock, TX, from Friday May 24th through Monday May 27th.

USAU, ESPN, and Ultiworld will be collectively filming and broadcasting 39 games over the course of the event, giving fans at home the option of multiple great games during almost every round. To make it even easier to watch, you can use the links next to this box to switch between the available USAU and Ultiworld produced livestreams.

Get live updates on Twitter with @UltiworldLive or just follow along right here on our Live page with all the streams, previews, recaps, and much more from the tournament. Our filmed games will be added to our video archives accessible by Full and Plus Subscribers.

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Liveblog Updates

Coverage Schedule (All times EDT)

05/24 09:00 AM Colorado v. Northeastern (M)
05/24 11:00 AM Georgia v. Minnesota (M)
05/24 01:00 PM Ohio State v. UCSB (W)
05/24 03:00 PM Pittsburgh v. Oregon (M)
05/24 05:00 PM Carleton v. Dartmouth (W)
05/25 09:00 AM Cal Poly SLO v. Washington (M)
05/25 11:00 AM Ohio State v. Northeastern (W)
05/25 01:00 PM Dartmouth v. Texas (W)
05/25 03:00 PM NC State v. Texas (M)
05/25 05:45 PM Pre-Quarterfinal (W)
05/26 09:00 AM Quarterfinal (M)

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