Past Articles in Analysis

  1. Clubhouse Chatter: Rampant International Recruiting Is Good, Actually

    An opinion on the global reach of Boston Brute Squad. Plus, a brief glimpse at notable early season results.

  2. Better Box Score Metrics: Did High Scores Boost EDGE? [UFA Week 11, 2024]

    Lots of total goals doesn't necessarily mean lots of strong advanced metrics.

  3. Better Box Score Metrics: PUL Regular Season Stats and Awards

    This player should have been the MVP.

  4. Better Box Score Metrics: Chosen Ones and Cool Hands [UFA Week 10, 2024]

    It was a good week to be a Luke (or Luke variant).

  5. Better Box Score Metrics: Three Stars for Detroit [UFA Week 9, 2024]

    Coolman, Henke, Miller Have Good Weekends, But Not As Good at Felton, Rudy, and Gaither

  6. Better Box Score Metrics: Atkins, Taylor, and Koo Shine [UFA Week 8, 2024]

    Some new standouts!

  7. D-I College Championships 2024: Final Box Scores

    Box scores, including yardage data, from the finals of the 2024 D-I College Championships.

  8. Better Box Score Metrics: Midseason Awards [UFA Week 7, 2024]

    Pawel and Phil: Welcome back to the leaderboards!

  9. Better Box Score Metrics: WUL Championship Weekend and Season Awards

    MVP Thorpe Leads Colorado to Title

  10. Better Box Score Metrics: Offenses Running Wild [UFA Week 6, 2024]

    Pittsburgh set a new mark for efficiency

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