Past Articles

  1. Arby’s Targets Ultimate Players In Social Media Advertising During Club Nationals

    The day before the start of the 2019 Club Championships, Arby’s, the sandwich fast food chain, put up ultimate-inspired posts on their Instagram and Facebook…

  2. Classic City Classic 2019: Pools & Film Schedule

    Here are the 26 teams that will compete at the 2019 Classic City Classic in Athens, Georgia, on November 16-17!

  3. New Zealand Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    New Zealand presents their mixed team for worlds!

  4. New Zealand Men WUGC 2020 Roster

    The kiwi men look to take on the world!

  5. New Zealand Women WUGC 2020 Roster

    Can New Zealand women crack the quarterfinals after a 9th place finish in 2016?

  6. South Africa Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    South Africa is gearing up for WUGC!

  7. Germany Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    Germany look to mix things up at WUGC 2020!

  8. Germany Women WUGC 2020 Roster

    Germany women have some big new pieces for 2020!

  9. Germany Men WUGC 2020 Roster

    Europe's second place men's team looks to take on the world!

  10. Ireland Women WUGC 2020 Roster

    The European champs are getting ready for World's!

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