Past Articles

  1. Great Britain Women WUGC 2020 Roster

    Great Britain Women are getting ready to take on the world!

  2. Marques Brownlee Reaches 10 Million YouTube Subscribers

    Marques Brownlee — or MKBHD — just crossed the 10 million subscriber threshold on YouTube with his technology review focused channel.

  3. Lin, Sullivan Elected to USA Ultimate Board

    Angela Lin and Steve Sullivan have been announced as the newest members of the USA Ultimate board of directors.

  4. Italy Mixed WUGC 2020 Tryout Squad

    Italy brings their first mixed team to the WUGC since 2008!

  5. Italy Women WUGC 2020 Tryout Squad

    Italy women with their first selection for 2020!

  6. Italy Men WUGC 2020 Tryout Squad

    Italy men bring their top U24 and senior players together for worlds!

  7. Australia Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    The mixed silver medalists look to take on the world!

  8. Australia Women WUGC 2020 Roster

    Ladies from down under prepare for Leeuwarden!

  9. Australia Men WUGC 2020 Roster

    Will Australia men stay on the podium in 2020?

  10. Canada Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    Canada's Mixed core is coming out of Montreal!

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