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  1. WUCC 2018: Wednesday Recap (Mixed)

    The quarterfinals are set, and while every team has only to win the same number of games to medal, their paths to this point were less even.

  2. WUCC 2018: Wednesday Recap (Men’s)

    Revolver threatened and CUSB upended in a crazy Wednesday of bracket play.

  3. WUCC 2018: Wednesday Recap (Women’s)

    An international classic headlined the rounds of 32 and 16 on Wednesday.

  4. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Men’s)

    Power pools gave some hopeful teams shots at top ranked North American clubs.

  5. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Mixed)

    There's no more free passes; it's win or see you later!

  6. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Women’s)

    Molly v. Revo. Fury v. Riot.

  7. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Men’s)

    After pool play with plenty of drama, power pools are set.

  8. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Mixed)

    The bracket gets set tomorrow!

  9. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Women’s)

    The second day of full pool play of the World Ultimate Club Championships brought far more excitement than the day before, though there was little…

  10. WUCC 2018: Day 2 Recap (Women’s)

    Revolution's not the only Colombian team worth paying to.

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