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Between the years of 2010 and 2019, ultimate underwent perhaps more changes than any previous decade in the sport’s history.

Songs For The Unsung

Every ultimate community — no matter how small — has top players worth celebrating.

By Kelsey Hayden

Looking Back, Moving Forward

How Matt Gouchoe-Hanas and Sol Yanuck's lifelong friendship became the most compelling rivalry in men's college ultimate.

By Patrick Stegemoeller

Where Does The AUDL Go From Here?

When the American Ultimate Disc League launched in 2012, few expected it would make it this far.

By Nathan Jesson

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Elite Player’s Perspective: The Best Pulling Games I’ve Ever Seen

Pulling matters. A statistical breakdown of two of the best pulling games of the 2016 club season.

By Jeff Graham

This Was Ultimate

An inside look at the rise and fall of Major League Ultimate, from its promising launch through its abrupt suspension.

By Nathan Jesson

How To Play In The Wind

From two of the most successful strategists in the game, a comprehensive, in-depth education on how to prepare for and adapt to windy conditions better than your opponent. By Ben Wiggins and Matthew "Skip" Sewell.

How To Do Wildwood

A 6-chapter opus on winning Wildwood, from avoiding traffic to rocking out at the Bolero. By Patrick Stegemoeller.


Over three meticulously researched parts, Kyle Weisbrod makes the case that the relationship between USAU and its members is at an all-time low and lays out the history of decisions and organizational changes that led to this point. By Kyle Weisbrod.

We Are Not Twins

Australia's Phillips sisters are two of the most important factors in the Firetails' success at WUGC 2016, but they are contributing in different ways. As usual. By Cameron Albert-Deitch.

Ultimate Revolution: Mike Payne’s Journey From Collegiate Bridesmaid To The Pinnacle Of The Sport

It’s possible that nowhere in ultimate has a record of failure led to so much success as in the case of Mike Payne. By Pat O'Brien.