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  1. TOKAY SuperTeam, Best Pickup Team in the World?

    An insight into the TOKAY SuperTeam's formation, players and first outing

  2. Grinnell’s Cinderella Story

    The Grinneleanor Roosevelts stole a bid to find themselves at Nationals for the first time since 2015. Entering the tournament with a 5-7 season record, could Grinnell be the underdog that the country rallies behind?

  3. A Look Inside the Best of the North Central, the Macalester Pursesnatchers

    The Pursesnatchers finished fifth in the North Central last year. This year, they pulled off two universe point wins over the dynasty programs in the NC en route to taking the third overall seed at Nationals.

  4. Is the Fourpeat Dream Still Alive for the Middlebury Pranksters?

    While the Pranksters were the preseason favorites, a bumpy season leaves question marks on their ceiling at Nationals this year

  5. Homegrown: Athena’s Mother-Daughter Duo

    Fiona Cashin's exposure to ultimate started practically at birth and continues to this day at the University of Georgia, all thanks to her mom - and coach - Jami Cashin

  6. One Must Imagine the Detroit Mechanix Happy

    A tale of the Mechanix's will to keep pushing their boulder up a hill, one loss at a time, and the man who started them on this journey

  7. Ultimate Pioneers: An Inside Look at Davenport’s New Scholarship Program

    Davenport's coaches and captains speak on the newest program with ultimate scholarships, and the first ever in the women's division

  8. UNC’s Win Streak is the Most Impressive Thing In Ultimate…Ever

    Pleiades have not lost since February 9, 2020

  9. No One is Safe from NOISE on Universe

    Starting with their quarterfinal victory over BFG at last year's Nationals, NOISE have pulled off five recent - and borderline improbable - universe point wins

  10. “The Bobble Game”, Revisited

    The establishment team, Philadelphia AMP, versus the team of Worlds-caliber ringers, Washington DC Space Heater, and the contentious moment that sealed their 2018 fates

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