Past Articles in Opinion

  1. Mailbag: Who Would Win Easterns?, Long-Term Coronavirus Impact

    Running a tournament in my head.

  2. Ultiworld Slack Debates: Should Fifth Years Get Extended Eligibility?

    Does the coronavirus shutdown warrant an extension?

  3. Ultiworld’s 2019 Throw of the Year, Presented by Friction Gloves

    Time to crown the Throw of the Year with your votes!

  4. Tuesday Tips: Why You Should Be Throwing Alone

    You can get better while social distancing.

  5. Ultiworld’s 2019 Catch Of The Year: Charlotte Koerner, Presented by Friction Gloves

    The Catch of the Year goes to...

  6. Mailbag: Coronavirus Impact on WUGC, Business, College Programs

    The Mailbag is now for subscribers only. That’s going to do a few things: it will keep me committed to writing it every week.

  7. More Than a Game: Why Ultimate’s Absence Hits So Hard

    Ultimate isn't a distraction from the real world. It is our real world.

  8. Ultiworld’s 2019 Catch Of The Year Bracket: Final, Presented by Friction Gloves

    Who will win the bracket?

  9. Tuesday Tips: Workout Ideas for When You Can’t Get to the Gym

    All hope is not lost!

  10. What We’re Not Planning For With COVID-19: Heartbreak

    Organizers, coaches, and leaders in our sport can certainly hope for the best while also preparing players for the worst.

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